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Staying Grounded

Recently, I’ve been studying a lot about Chakras (energy spaces or wheels in the human body) which originate from Hindu teachings. I became fascinated with the idea that energy is within us, and it can both enable and prevent us from feeling, being, and understanding ourselves and how we contribute to the greater world. The Chakra that stood out to me the most in my research was Muladhara, our Root Chakra. This Chakra is located at the base of our spine, and it gives off a red colored aura. Hence the name, this chakra is responsible for keeping us grounded and connected to the very earth we stand on. Now what stood out to me the most while researching is that root chakra blockages first occur when we are children. As kids, if we were provided with what we wanted and were given a sense of security both mentally and physically, we had a stronger sense of stability in the world and had a feeling of being secure. Although if we were missing physical affection, didn’t get consistent love as a child, we can experience our root chakra being ‘blocked’ giving us a feeling of walking on eggshells or always being insecure about the next step we take. The root chakra keeps us grounded not only to our physical surrounding, but also our mental consciousness. It’s something that almost seems like the bare minimum, but the idea of what keeps us ‘grounded’ has changed as we grow older.

Our Root Chakra is something so fundamental and can be related to our own minds. Often in the world, when things happen around us, things begin happening inside us as well. For example, if we’re faced with some experience that stresses us out, our mind translates that experience into our emotional state (therefor we feel stressed and overwhelmed). But what we forget to realize is that there’s a difference between what stresses us, and how we take that stress in. Not everything stressful has to stress you out. If we keep our root chakra in mind, we realize that the most important connection we have is the one with ourselves and the one with the physical space we’re in. It taught me that no matter what seems to be happening in the outside world, that we are still here, still grounded. In unprecedented times like these were things don‘t exactly seem to be getting better or worse, the biggest thing to remind yourself is “I am connected to my body” even if you don’t feel like your state of mind is where it should be, you still have a physical space to nurture your mind and to help you grow and evolve every single day. I really hope you feel more aware of the body you’re in, recognize the space that you take up, and the connection you have with yourself just by being here.

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