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Finding Your Core

Hello everyone, I had taken a long break from writing and all of my social media for a while as a lot of things had been going on this summer. Given that, I wanted to talk about life and its craziness. These past two months, I was taking a summer quarter college class, my mom had a heart attack, I had a huge show coming up that I was organizing, I had daily tutoring classes, I had dance three days a week for 3 hours, I had a big exam at the end of summer, and on top of that I was having a lot of health issues. All of this craziness had really taken over my entire summer. If you're anything like me and like to get things done (no matter what it takes) then you know that all of this can be kind of draining. I was working on at least 10 things every day and I found myself doing so many things that I became engulfed in all of my work. By this I mean I wasn't eating well, my mind was distracted all the time because I was thinking about the next thing I had to accomplish on my daily to-do list. Life can get busy, and it can be challenging to deal with everything that it throws at you. The biggest thing that I learned through all of this is to maintain your core. All of those endless tasks that you think will never get checked off your to-do list will eventually be completed. After all of your tasks are complete and all of your running around is done, it is extremely important to come back to yourself. If you've had a busy week, take one day, even one hour at least to take care of yourself. Life is crazy, things happen all the time. But again, these things will come and go, the goal is to return to you and come back to the center of your circle. There are so many people that will make the excuse of 'I wish I could relax, I just don't have time' or 'I have so much to do it's so hard to get a break' Taking a break doesn't mean that you go on a full vacation (although that would be nice), it means taking one second to evaluate yourself. Life isn't a race, whatever happens will happen. Just pause and take breath. I know that sometimes when you get into the flow of things, it's hard to take a pause because you want to get things done, you have things to accomplish. Trust me, we all do. But going on such 'frenzies' as such, will only result in a crash afterwards. And remember, whatever is weighing you down, was never yours to carry. It's okay to say that you have too much on your plate, it's okay to ask for help, and it's definitely okay to take a break. I know that life definitely doesn't stop, but you have the power to control yourself, your pace of life, and your mental process. Life isn't a race, so don't make your mind run marathons.

- Astha S. Sept. 16th 2019

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