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Right people at the wrong time

Was that person actually right for you, or was that person just the best you convinced yourself you could have? In relationships, whether it be friends or partners, we often look for someone that reflects our thoughts, feelings, and current mental state. Just like that quote 'hurt people hurt people' Sometimes, we tend to downgrade our relationships and the people we have in our lives because we've convinced ourselves that we can't do better than them or that this is what is good for you. This form of self-sabotage is actually more common than we admit it is. I think this is where that sense of comfort comes from. We like people that feel familiar, bring back familiar feelings and can somehow mask our inner thoughts. But there is no way to know whether we chose someone because of our personal reflection or we actually think they're the right person. We decide what we're worth and we tag ourselves with someone who reflects this worth and adds the materialistic aspect to it. We've all had that one relationship or friendship where during the relationship, we thought everything that was wrong was in them, but after we realize that we were the ones in a bad place. Remember, 'hurt people hurt people' you can leave someone and still be hurt by their actions, you can forgive someone and still be mad at them. I hope the next time you know that someone is wrong for you, you walk away. You never need to come up with any sort of validation why someone isn't right for you. Don't ever settle for someone just because you're not confident in yourself so you think your relationships will end up like that too. You deserve more. You are worth more. You are the best person you can have in your life, surround yourself with people that enhance that feeling, not make you doubt it. Love you.

Astha Soni

April 1st, 2020

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1 Comment

Apr 01, 2020

Wow... I feel personally called out, haha. I never thought that people could stay in toxic relationships because of their own warped sense of self-worth... That's pretty fascinating.

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