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You are your light

whenever we go through something traumatic, heartbreaking, life-changing, we always look to others to support us in the darkest time. and it’s great that we have people that can help and support us. but these people simply shield the wind so that you can light yourself again. i constantly use this metaphor because of the idea that when we pass, there is a metaphorical light at the end of some tunnel. for me, i plan on being that light myself. you are the brightest light for yourself. your thoughts illuminate the person you become. so when we go through something that potentially dulls our inner light, we look for the light in others. but everyone’s candle burns with a different flame. kindle the fire inside of you instead of looking for warmth from others. you are your own light and your own fire. this requires a lot of self-evaluation. it requires you to truly look inside yourself, evaluate the situation you’re in and try and find a solution to rekindle your light. but never let that fire go. And don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking for help from others and getting support. no matter how strong you are internally, we all need someone we can talk to. However, they can only give you support. they can’t light that fire for you. This is why people often jump into relationships when they’re hurt or broken, we tend to look for warmth from other candles when ours is dim. which is often why people get into relationships because they’re lonely rather than ready. it’s okay to lean on others for support, just be aware of the warmth you take from them and how much you depend on it. put in the time and effort to spend time with yourself. find something that sparks a little flame inside you. work on yourself in small areas and do something you can feel proud of. if you even feel a 1% improvement at the end of a hard day, you’re one step closer to that fire being brighter than ever. Once your flame is bright, and you meet someone with the same bright’ll create fireworks. Metaphorically: let those sparks fly. Happy Diwali to everyone that celebrates :)

-Astha Soni

November 4th, 2019

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