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To grow, You Have to Outgrow

We have all been in a toxic relationship, whether it be romantically, or with a friend or family member. And I know that we often think of hate as a strong word, but hate can also be a very powerful feeling. If you have ever hated or disliked someone so much that your blood boils just thinking about them, it's really on you rather than them. Hate, heartbreak, pain and loss are all things we will experience at least once in your life. These feelings are essential to your growth. People will often come into your life and claim to give you the world or make you feel some kind of way, we get hooked onto these feelings (naturally) and later on when we experience heartbreak or loss of some kind, it hurts. That feeling then resorts to either regret, hate, sadness, anger...etc...Everything that has brought you down today, will bring you up tomorrow. It is OKAY to outgrow people, things, relationships, and jobs. We would not be human if we didn't continue to grow. So stop holding all this toxicity in your blood. Take every moment of hurt and heartbreak and turn it into a lesson. You will find yourself learning a lot more. Any false or toxic relationship I have ever had, I treat as a lesson and blessing in disguise. Without the people who have hurt me, I would not be able to get back up on my feet and come out stronger. You have to let go of old things to start new ones. And I know this isn't as easy as it sounds because once we get attached to something, it is so hard to let that go no matter how much it hurts. I challenge you to try and cut off one person over the course of summer that brings you down, stops your growth or effects your emotions in a negative way. Even when we do cut these people out of our lives and don't see them everyday, we hold onto that same feeling of hate and pain they gave you. But the strongest thing you can do is to walk away from a person that made you weaker. Learn to be strong without them and understand that anything they have taken from you, is something the universe will return to you in another form once you are ready to accept it. When relationships fail, it only teaches you how to grow new ones, when you get fired, it only teaches you to change your habits or that you deserve more. Turn all of that feeling of hate into something so powerful, something so strong. And if you have to outgrow people along the way, its okay. It's only a sign that you are growing.

-Astha Soni June 30th, 2019

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