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Valentine's Day

We often associate the concept of love as something which needs to be reciprocated. People will leave relationships holding onto the feeling that they are giving more than they receive. But that’s exactly what love is. It is giving without expecting anything in return. Love is something that you give because you have ample of it, not because you expect it in return. If we go about our relationships expecting to get more…our outcome will be less and we will never be fully satisfied. I think relationships in our generation specifically have been overusing the concept of love. People will often date just for the title of being in a relationship. And by the first week, they are already vowed to their partner. Not only romantic, but all relationships take time to develop. They are not something in which you can expect to develop in just a day. Lastly, I know that in today’s world, having a significant other is the norm and it is something everyone wants to have. Why? Just because. And of course, if they are single…they are ‘lonely.’ One of the most important concepts to grasp is the idea of being lonely, versus being alone. As individuals, we have to be comfortable being alone without being lonely. People often focus on finding a certain feeling from external things such as romantic partners, social media, things that provide instant gratification in some way. These feelings, this gratification, and in a sense, fulfillment does not need to come from anywhere other than yourself. We will always be stuck finding that ‘right person’ for us. Someone that can make us feel happy, loved, and in a ecstatic state. Although, we can always exhibit this feeling within ourselves. Instead of finding that right person for you, focus on becoming that right person for yourself. Loving yourself to such an extent that lack of external love does not even effect you. You should be so mentally strong and individually content that no matter who comes or goes in our lives, we have the gratification of self love. So for this year, make yourself your valentine…learn to appreciate yourself and form a bond with yourself before hunting for one through others.

-Astha Soni February 14th, 2019

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