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What is "enough" ?

are you "good enough" ? what do you comprehend that statement to be?

For me, i perceive it as the world's importance for standards. what does being 'enough' even mean anyways? who decides when we've met a certain standard that somewhat suits their perception of good? I recently found myself asking these questions too. i was admitted into a great university recently, one that i am very very proud of myself for getting into. but there was someone going to a better school than me. but it didn't really strike me until it was the people close to me comparing me to certain standards. i felt like i wasn't good enough for getting into one specific school....and somehow, i let that one fact completely disregard the fact that i got into an extremely competitive college. why? just because i felt bad that i wasn't 'good enough' for that one specific school. and here's my whole take on that 'good enough' thing: it doesn't exist. thats it. there is no way we can ever be 'good enough' if you really think about it, what does that phrase even mean? to be the bare minimum? to meet some imaginary bar that will only continue to go up? and besides, what happens when we do become 'good enough' that standard will only continue to go up, or someone else will continue to expect something else out of us. in my opinion, we will never be 'good enough' but not in the negative way. being good enough is an unreachable standard that honestly, no one will ever reach. what if we were just...enough? not good enough, not bad enough, just enough. no standards to be met, just simply being. the world has us chasing standards we will never meet and allows us to meet people that will be better than us. it is actually a really humbling reminder that there will always be someone better than you and someone below you. and these scales will continue to change. the only thing we can do is stay afloat somewhere in the middle and be authentically you. so the next time someone tells you or makes you feel like you aren't 'good enough' just know that it's not where you'd want to be anyways. because there's no point in running a race you will never finish. and if anyone has ever made you feel like you weren't good enough, or some situation made you feel like that, know that it is not the person who is flawed, it is you is bothered. obviously you won't be enough for someone, thats what is unique about humans is that we have personal needs and wants, and you might not be what one person desires. and thats okay !! you are enough. that's all that matters. love you <3

-Astha Soni

April 29th, 2020

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